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Tuesday, 18 October 2016

So, What Have You Been Up To?

Yesterday I had lunch with sixteen of my ex-colleagues, in honour of one who has returned briefly from USA to visit. It was her first time reunited with many of us for about 24 years, so there was a lot of noise and catching up.
Someone asked me what I had been up to - and it's so hard to put it into words, so here is a pictorial.

Mondays are for walks on the local beach, exercising the dog and myself, plus picking up plastic etc.

The garden has been keeping me busy - raising seeds, getting them into the garden. There's corn, beans, garlic, lettuces, spring onions, peas, spinach, beetroot, cucumbers, courgettes, strawberries, kale, silverbeet, tomatoes, coriander etc..

The tamarillo trees that I raised from seed are getting planted out

This is a fishing float, a bit worse for wear that I rescued off the beach. I decided to repurpose it, rather than throw it out.

Today I have been making Guava Moth traps. I will wait until these are proven successful, then post the recipe. I'm not sure where else in the world they have these blighters, but they do so much damage to fruit.

Guava moth traps - reportedly very effective

Today I have also spent a couple of hours packaging meat for the freezer. I buy it paper wrapped from the local butcher. It is a way to reuse the small amount of food packaging that I still get. The paper wrapping all goes into the compost. 

An update on my No Junk Mail Signs that I hand delivered (from about 4 posts back) - there are now three up out of the fifteen or so delivered. Yay, three less households getting all that Junk Mail! 

It's a quiet life, but busy enough. Now - on to my sax practice!

My two saxophones - that's a vintage car in behind there at a gig we played in a workshop


  1. Your garden looks wonderful at the moment!
    YAY to the junk mail success! I'm still getting sporadic deliveries, despite signage and complaining!! The deliverers just want to dump it as quick as they can with no respect for my wishes! GRRR!!

    1. Thanks Cheryl. I bet you wish you could catch them delivering it and let them know how annoyed you are.

  2. I love seeing photos of where you live. I do exactly the same at the beach -- carry a bag and pick up plastic -- but we haven't been able to get to the beach since the hurricane. The access points and parking have all been filled with huge heaps of sand and cordoned off until further notice. It's torture to be kept away!
    I'm surprised at how far along your garden is. I guess I don't quite have the season switch down. I thought it was earlier spring and here you have knee high corn already (almost)! Your garden looks like it's doing very well.

    1. Hi Cynthia - hope you can get back to the beach soon. I imagine there will be all sorts washed up there after the hurricane. There is very little rubbish on our beach. I started all those seeds off inside, and it is still early Spring, but the weather has been very warm with lots of rain - the garden is loving it.

  3. After a tough growing season here I enjoyed seeing how your garden is doing. I don't have a beach any longer but I still pick up trash when I go out.

    1. I always think how much better the world would be if everyone cared enough to do that Lois.


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