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Thursday, 22 November 2018

Green Parking, In the Sewing Mood

One of my goals for this year was to quit getting those plastic parking tickets from the parking machines. 
I'm ashamed to say that it has taken me far too long, but I have now logged on with and it was easy.
Now when I go to a carpark, all I have to do is log in on my phone and say how long I want to park for and pay. The beauty of this is that if I overstay my time, I can log in from wherever I am and extend the time without having to rush back from somewhere, or risk getting ticketed.

No more of these for me

Even after years ago deciding to stop using new plastic, I am still reducing plastic out of my life. 
Do you have this parking payment mode where you live?

We're finally getting sorted after our return from holiday. It has been hectic; preparing houses for new tenants and coping with the loss of Derek's 95 year old mother, just weeks after our return. Also our gardens were overgrown and seeds needed starting. 
I was hankering for a week in the studio, just pottering. Yesterday was the first day I managed...and this is what I got up to...

Sewed a button on daughter's boyfriend's pants (button was lost -  mum'll have one)
Made 10 produce bags (for the Boomerang bags stall at the Vegan Expo this weekend)
Repaired 2 teatowels - because I like mended stuff
Patched a pair of leggings that snagged on a stick while gardening - they now have a piece of black lace covering the mend, on black leggings.
Made a sewing machine dust cover - finally, after how many years??
Put a zip into a single use vacuum cleaner bag, so it's not single use any more. The zip was salvaged from my old work uniform.
Made an avocado ripening bag from an old blanket scrap. I'm dubious that this is going to work, but will post it if it does. It's meant to hasten ripening ++
Made a draught stopper snake from some knit fabric and scraps from the overlocker. It looks like a python that swallowed a villager, I think the next one will be an improvement hehe.  

It has been unseasonably cold today and I have been back in there again much to do. I figure that if I complete lots of projects then there won't be so much to stash and tidy.

Friday, 9 November 2018

Packaging Free Snack, Upcycled Belt and More

The Packaging Free Snack

What do you grab when you want something with your glass of wine? I've been going for this (see below) lately as it comes packaging free and stops me wanting other wicked things (corn chips). 

Ages ago I posted on how to make no-fail popcorn. Now popcorn can be a little dull, therefore I have discovered that combining it with wasabi peas (which I am able to buy in bulk in my own container) changes the game completely. 
I also add a bit of salt and vinegar flavouring (which I make myself by saturating rocksalt with vinegar and letting it evaporate off in the sun or a warm oven.
If you really want to go all out - try adding snips of nori sheet (sadly not packaging free) and I also throw in some bits of crackers that have broken when I've made my knackebrot crackers

The Upcycled Belt

I have felt inspired by the belts and straps that I've seen on Pinterest made by Amy Hanna, as seen on
I have finally got around to making one myself using my old PU belt that was getting to the end of it's life.
I have also taken the opportunity to make it just a little longer, (ahem, it must have shrunk).


It was fun to design as I went along. It probably won't appeal to the straight line brigade, but I like it.

A snap of the witch I made for Katie's Halloween party - using an old black umbrella. It's not as good as the ones I saw on Pinterest, but oh well, it was a quick job and she liked it. 

There's no top half in case you're wondering

I thought I'd leave you with a pic of a bright spot in my garden. I grew these Sweet William flowers from seed. They have been lovely to pick and give. Note to self - grow more flowers.