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Monday, 18 February 2019

A Weird Vegetable, Denim Art and a Repair for Females

A year ago my friend Bushra gave us some of these weird vegetables that I had never tried before. I decided to grow some. They are incredibly versatile and it seems that they grow like weeds.
Kohlrabi - the bulbous part grows above the ground on a stalk, looking like some kind of alien

They taste somewhat like a turnip, and if not left too long to go woody, they can be grated raw in a salad plus used anywhere you'd use a courgette - ie roasted, stir-fried, soups, casseroles and probably pickles. The leaves can also be eaten as greens - although I haven't tried that as the cabbage whites (caterpillers) beat me to them and they don't look very appealing. I've just planted more seeds, so maybe this time.

A Bra Repair
I thought that I'd posted this before - but I can't find it. It took me well into adulthood before I learnt to do this, and it's something that I'm hoping to teach at the repair cafe. Forgive me if I'm preaching to the converted, but honestly there's probably someone somewhere that doesn't know to do this.
It involves the underwires that suddenly poke out of your bra (if you wear them like that). 
This is an old mend using a tee shirt hem. Still holding up well.

Step one - push the underwire back in.
Step two - put a few stitches in with needle and thread to close the hole.
Step three - hand sew a doubled piece of scrap knit material (off an old tee shirt is good) over the spot.
Step four - do the other side too, because well, prevention.

I've seen others use "moleskin" to do this mend, but you have to buy that. My mend is free. 

Denim Art

I came across the art of  Ian Berry online and was just blown away. I just want to share some pics with you.

Debby Harry by Ian Berry - zoom in - it's amazing

Ian Berry Denim Art

Now that's a pretty good reason to keep all your denim scraps. I'm going to give it a whirl - anyone with me? (Of course, not expecting to be that good).

Sunday, 3 February 2019

The Remakery, Bella Vacca Milk, Wetsuit Repair

Rather than feel bad about all the plastic and pollution in the world, I am cheered by the changes I see happening now on a regular basis - so to cheer you too, here's a little round up of small local things that add up.....

The Remakery...this is a new initiative about to kick off this month at 3 Woods Road Whangarei. It is being enabled by Habitat for Humanity, who have funding from our District Council to reduce waste. 
Lots of new murals around Whangarei - this one is of a Kereru, or native wood pigeon, on the building that will house the Remakery

The Remakery will include Upcycling workshops and a monthly Repair Cafe. The building already is home for Food Rescue Whangarei, Whare Bike (bike repair), a wholefoods co-op and Ano againreuse, run by a talented lady who upcycles unwanted denim into fashion. SewGood, our community sewing group will also be in there, and Boomerang Bags will hold some weekend workshops there too at times. I love this 💗

We can now buy milk in glass bottles here! BellaVacca milk is rolling out to more retail stores every few weeks. It costs $8 for the first bottle, then with your next purchase just return the clean bottle, and it will only cost around $3.70 - $4/ litre. This is quite a lot dearer than milk bought in a plastic bottle - but the milk is great. I offset that cost by using powdered milk (that I can buy packaging free) in baking etc. 

Wetsuit repairs. I'm learning some new skills!
 A local Not-For-Profit Experiencing Marine Reserves asked if our SewGood team could help with wetsuit repairs - they teach snorkelling to school children, with an environmental focus. I thought I could give it a whirl, have done some research....and look what I've got to work on!
A whole carton load of wetsuits awaiting repair!

As a practice on some offcuts of old suits, I've made some arm protectors for picking blackberries, and a beer coozie and some covers for my milk bottles, to insulate and protect them. Now to get down to the real work.  

Lilliput Library - do you have one of these in your area yet? This one has just popped up over summer at our local beach, Pataua North. 
Pataua North Lilliput Library - book sharing

Such a cool idea don't you think?