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Friday, 19 April 2019

Mending Matters - It Really Does!

While I was waiting for this book, Mending Matters by Katrina Rodabaugh to arrive, Derek's niece Anabel arrived first. I had requested that our library buy the book in, Anabel arrived as part of her overseas adventure from England, via India.
I love this book, which is lucky as I spilled red wine on it and may end up buying it!

Anabel arrived wearing a really flattering jumpsuit - full of holes.
Before I could say Sashiko mending, Anabel offered up that she should maybe do something about the jumpsuit, which she had rescued from a fellow traveler who was about to throw it out. 
We then had a discussion on mending and went through my fabric scraps. We found some suitable patching material and the next morning I couldn't help but sew on an interior patch with hand stitching. Anabel liked the hole left as frayed, but in the Mending Matters book the holes are tidied up and the edges stitched.

Anabel's jumpsuit, Anne's wabisabi stitching.

I sent Anabel off with the patches and thread and needles. She's keen to keep adding patches in her down time - a suitable occupation for flights to the other side of the world - so long as she doesn't try to carry scissors.

Did I mention how much I love mending stuff? It's exciting that visible mending is on trend - and slow fashion is a thing.

Our last Repair Cafe (where I help with mending) was a lot more lively than the first - thanks to a bit more advertising. We had a couple of sewing mends, then helped some sweet little boys make gift bags, which they were so excited about.

 I was delighted to take my scissors along - including my pinking shears - to the man with a grinder there, and now have superbly sharp scissors - all for a donation. I didn't even know that pinking shears could be sharpened! Even the worst scissors that couldn't cut paper can now cut material.  💃💃 Happy dance.

Thursday, 11 April 2019

Camping and Miscellaneous Art

Hi and welcome!

Well we survived the first camping trip in 10 years. We learnt what else we need to pack and will definitely be doing it again. We have just bought a second hand gazebo that will be useful for an outdoor kitchen and also as cover for when we're having a car boot sale soon.
We stayed at a Dept of Conservation campground - Puriri Bay, Northland NZ  - $13/per person/night. The facilities are long drop toilets, plentiful cold water, shower cubicles to hang your solar showers plus some cold showers. 

Me, sketching outside our tent

The view from our tent
There's lots of bird life and kiwis can be heard at night, which is not as common here as you might think.

Very friendly ducks here.

And now to completely change topic...

Recently someone was asking for upcycling uses for old CDs and I remembered that I had this photo of my Daughter from around 11 years ago, when she was about 14, modelling in a wearable arts competition. I unfortunately don't have the artist's details. The tiara and parasol are both decorated with broken cds. Sorry, the picture quality isn't that great - it's a photo of a photo.

 I posted here about the denim art of Ian Berry recently. I wanted to try making one, so, boldly, here is my first attempt. I've bought some old canvasses and have covered one ready for my next, more adventurous piece.

Denim art surfer - made from discarded denim

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