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Sunday, 23 February 2020

Missing In action

Hi folks, you might have thought that I'd dropped off the edge of the earth, but the truth is that I've been feeling for a while that my blog has mostly run it's course.
There's nothing worse than forcing a blog, so my blog posts have become sporadic, and now they might only appear once or twice each year, but it will be when there is something I feel is worthy to share.

What I have been doing is directing a lot of my energy into getting Intercept Fabric Rescue up and running. For that, I have just built a website, which is still a work in progress, but gone live anyway. You can find it here -
plus I will be writing the blog attached to the website. 

Beautiful vintage fabrics that we are saving

It is an exciting time - with a new shop opening soon, and a lot of interest in what we're doing. The best scenario is that this model goes worldwide.

So, I'll see you around, when I pop up here or drop in to your blogs.