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Thursday, 30 January 2014

Renovated Vintage Caravan - Sneak View

I have a busy 2 months ahead. When planning a big party at home, it's not just the party itself that takes a lot of work. Everywhere we look we see things that need finishing or tidying up.
I am currently working on getting the vintage caravan that is permanently parked in the back yard, habitable for guests.

Don't miss viewing the completed caravan - here
Caravan interior - before

Caravan interior - after

Unfortunately this meant moving a lot of stored "stuff". Bearing in mind that we are both creative types who like to collect, this is causing some problems actually finding where to put it. Conclusion: we need to trim.
However it is sometimes good to keep things, like the sides of the bamboo blinds we trimmed down. I just found a new use for them - covering the ugly lampshades that were in the caravan. Cost: nil.

Original lampshades from the caravan

Upcycled bamboo blind lampshade
Bamboo blind piece is just tied over the top of the original shade
The cupboards all have new knobs too, which I had in stock from a road trip home to the North from Wellington through junk shops where I found bags of gorgeous ceramic knobs cheap as chips. I've still got lots left for the jewelery hangers that I intend to make.
When I have finished the curtains and squab covers I'll show the lot.
Back to work.


  1. Wow Anne!! It looks amazing!! Well done, looking forward to seeing it :)

  2. For the finished caravan type caravan into the search on my blog and it will come up with vintage caravan reveal post from 3 March 2014. Thanks for all your views of this post!

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  4. Hi can you tell me if the walls are the same colour as the ceiling and the backing behind the cupboard doors>

    1. Hi. The walls and the ceiling are the same colour. The insides of the cupboards are painted the same as the walls, but the backs of the cupboard doors are painted the same as the fronts.Cheers, Anne


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