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Thursday, 16 January 2014

Steps to Save Using Plastic

Little Steps To Reduce Plastic Use
We have Derek's daughter living with us now and she's going to be heading back to school soon. I wanted to start with some eco moves early on as I need her to fit in with my greenie lifestyle. 
These arrived in the mail yesterday. I thought they would save us using tons of gladwrap for lunches, and Katie had picked out the one she liked best. They are made by Ginger Pye in Dunedin NZ. The little square pouches are for snacks. 

Reusable sandwich wraps by Ginger Pye

I thought about making some, but she uses a food grade plastic which I have not seen anywhere, and they are so nicely done.

Party Planning
We are planning big party for March. I have been mulling over how to feed people with the least rubbish output. I've decided that I'm going to buy more plates (we'll need about 70!) from charity shops and garage sales. I'm trying to stick to a colour scheme of blue and white. I've decided not to spend more than 50 cents per piece, which works out cheaper than the biodegradable ones - which also use energy in their production.
We already have tons of cutlery, after combining two households, plus extras that we have accumulated.
We thought that people wouldn't mind doing a camp wash of their own plates to save us work after dinner, (New Zealanders are good like that, and it will be a very informal affair) especially as it means not eating off horrible paper plates with plastic cutlery.
 The other part of the plan is that we will let people know we have the plates in storage after the party, so that anyone else is welcome to borrow them for their own party.

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