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Monday, 27 January 2014

Some Cool Upcycling Ideas

I've been busy lately with painting our stationary backyard caravan - photos to follow when it's finished, and just continuing to make things like bread, icecream, toothpaste, dishwashing powder etc. I have already blogged about these things, feel free to look for them using the search box. So I have decided to post some of the great upcycling ideas I've spotted on Pinterest.
Upcycled paintbrush fish
Now here's an idea to reuse the paint brushes that I was going to have throw out after using Bin Sealer. I can just see some of these hanging off our driftwood fence.
Upcycled paintbrush handles from

Bathmat from old t-shirts
This will be a good project for winter. I'm saving all the old t-shirts from our big wardrobe sort out. They make great rags, but nice coloured ones would be good for one of these bathmats.Here's the link to the instructions-how-to-make-an-eco-friendly-bath-mat

Bathmat made using used t-shirts or old towels

Vintage Plate Graphic Wall Art.
This is a cool idea. I knew I had been collecting vintage plates for something and will give this a go when I have got a breathing space. They would make a great personalized birthday gift. Someone in New Zealand makes them with the vices (like greed and envy) written on them. You can find a tutorial on how to make these graphics on vintage plates here
From Angel in the North blog - a tutorial

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