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Wednesday, 22 January 2014

Old Books and Bric-a- brac

My Derek is a collector of old books. Among them I found this one printed in 1908 - "What a Young Wife Ought to Know" (from the Self and Sex series)

Old Books - "What a Young Wife Ought to Know"

I found this interesting...When the bridal trousseau is wisely chosen, the home will be furnished with like taste and wisdom.The furniture that is really needed, and that of the best, dresses the house far more elegantly than can a vulgar profusion of showy articles. Tinsel bric-a-brac, cheap cushions and tidies and bed-coverings proclaim the uncultured taste of the home keeper.....
The crying need of many of us today is not for more, but less. We have too much, so that our lives are robbed of all simplicity. We are choked by our possessions, as the Roman maiden by the golden bracelets for which she betrayed the city.
....feeling choked by possessions myself, despite taking a bootload to the charity shop the other day. It's a work in progress. Good grief, what would they think of how we live now!

And speaking of bric-a-brac
Is that what we call our collections of stuff? A little vignette...

Themed Olden days Travel

I have to say that what looks like scrimshaw is not actually real whale bone.

And a piece of driftwood art (by me) entitled "Going Down" I rather love the little naive boats so thought I would make some.

Driftwood boat

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