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Wednesday, 8 January 2014

A Bedroom Revamp

We have Derek's 12 year old daughter coming to live with us and we thought we would surprise her with a spruce up of her room.
The only input she's had was a mention of her favourite colour aqua. Normally I wouldn't consider doing this for an almost teenager without more of her input, but Katie is easy to please, and we are pretty sure she will be delighted.
Spruced up room waiting for the occupant's finishing touches

There's no before photo, because honestly it was so overloaded with everybody's stuff that I didn't want to take one.
We have been busy for days with painting and making curtains and looking for the right shelves and mirror.
Most of the things in there we already had, some got a little paint up. We tried to find what we could second hand, but had to resort to new for some of it.
The dear little desk we found on Trademe - all painted up like that.
I've made the lined curtains, which was a mission for me as I can't do anything in a straight line. They might not win any prizes but they look ok.
Thank goodness for tutorials on the internet.


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