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Wednesday, 15 January 2014

A L'il Bit O' This, A L'il Bit O' That

One of the good things about everyone moving to Australia is the great bargains you can get on Trade Me when they sell their stuff.

Umbrella off Trade Me

Some of the things we have picked up lately are a sun umbrella for $40, some great handbuilt macrocarpa tables at $70 each, a handbuilt workbench for $129 (which is the price of the materials) plus these great shelves to store our driftwood.

Second hand shelves for storing our driftwood collection

Now when we want to create something it is all there, easy to see.
Another great thing about Trade Me is the lovely people you meet when you go to pick things up.
We could buy new, but I see buying good second hand as a better eco footprint.

Saving Seeds
I'm doing this all the time now. Yesterday I sat in the sun podding heirloom lettuce seeds, which I then put in an envelope in a plastic bag in the freezer to kill any tiny insects.
I get all excited about free plants from seeds I have grown and saved. It feels like being part of a big cycle. I find they grow better too.

Sweet Pea seeds ready for podding, packaging and labelling

These pretty flowers I grew from seed from a hanging basket mix. I don't actually know what they are, but they have done a great job there of disguising my poor tomato plants that all dropped with disease. 

Driftwood Blackboard
There are so many things you can do with driftwood - just see my pinterest driftwood board! When I find one with a fairly smooth side I like to make it into a blackboard.
Driftwood blackboard

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