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Monday, 18 February 2019

A Weird Vegetable, Denim Art and a Repair for Females

A year ago my friend Bushra gave us some of these weird vegetables that I had never tried before. I decided to grow some. They are incredibly versatile and it seems that they grow like weeds.
Kohlrabi - the bulbous part grows above the ground on a stalk, looking like some kind of alien

They taste somewhat like a turnip, and if not left too long to go woody, they can be grated raw in a salad plus used anywhere you'd use a courgette - ie roasted, stir-fried, soups, casseroles and probably pickles. The leaves can also be eaten as greens - although I haven't tried that as the cabbage whites (caterpillers) beat me to them and they don't look very appealing. I've just planted more seeds, so maybe this time.

A Bra Repair
I thought that I'd posted this before - but I can't find it. It took me well into adulthood before I learnt to do this, and it's something that I'm hoping to teach at the repair cafe. Forgive me if I'm preaching to the converted, but honestly there's probably someone somewhere that doesn't know to do this.
It involves the underwires that suddenly poke out of your bra (if you wear them like that). 
This is an old mend using a tee shirt hem. Still holding up well.

Step one - push the underwire back in.
Step two - put a few stitches in with needle and thread to close the hole.
Step three - hand sew a doubled piece of scrap knit material (off an old tee shirt is good) over the spot.
Step four - do the other side too, because well, prevention.

I've seen others use "moleskin" to do this mend, but you have to buy that. My mend is free. 

Denim Art

I came across the art of  Ian Berry online and was just blown away. I just want to share some pics with you.

Debby Harry by Ian Berry - zoom in - it's amazing

Ian Berry Denim Art

Now that's a pretty good reason to keep all your denim scraps. I'm going to give it a whirl - anyone with me? (Of course, not expecting to be that good).


  1. We love kohlrabi and I have grown many of them up north. Raw kohlrabi chips, grated in salad, and in a mix stir fry are the ways we use them. Can’t get them here in the South though. It’s wonderful to find a new vegetable, isn’t it?
    The art work is interesting and i love that recycled fabric is used in the second piece. I can’t quite figure out the first one. Is it fabric also?


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