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Tuesday, 11 February 2014

New Little Garden with 1,000 Year Old Embellishment

It might seem like bloggers have perfectly tidy lives, because we choose the best bits to photograph, so my first photo is keeping it real.
We have been doing a lot of sorting lately to make more habitable rooms, so while the caravan and Katie's bedroom are looking good - the garage looks like this....
Garage shambles, but better than it was.

We are working our way through it so that we can get the car back in, and have band practice in there.
I found a little treasure in there while Derek wasn't looking and have used it to decorate the new garden I've just made. What's the point of keeping pieces of Roman pottery (approx 1,000 years old) stored away where no-one can see them. Fortunately Derek was happy with that when he got home, and I didn't have to put them back.
New garden with shards of Roman pottery

Another Idea to Save using Plastic Wrap
I try not to use plastic wrap, so when I wanted to cover dinner plates for 15 minutes or so in the fridge I decided to use saucepan lids - they make great food covers. Maybe everyone already does this?

6 Months Without Buying Clothes
Yes, I have gone 6 months without buying any new - or even second hand - clothes or shoes! I made a resolution last year to break a habit, and to make me make use of what I already have. At times I have been tempted, when I think "I have nothing to wear" but have always managed to find something in my wardrobe. I'm really pleased about the time and money saved, as well as not using the worlds resources unnecessarily.
After another 6 months I am going to donate some things to charity and review my stand.

Pretty Coleus 
I'm delighted with these coleus that I grew from seed saved from some plants that I bought last year. They add a bit of tropical colour to the outdoor living room.
potted coleus - grown from saved seed.

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