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Saturday, 8 November 2014

New Tea Tree Arbor and Garden Glimpses

Every year I plan to have the best garden ever, but they never look as good as those on other people's blogs. But today I thought it doesn't look too bad so I'm putting some photos of it in. Look what Derek and Katie made - I love it!

Derek viewed through the tea tree arbor that he and Katie built yesterday for the beans to climb over.

I've got a constant brew on the go, of seaweed, comfrey and horse poo tea, which I dish out every week. My plants all get a lawn clipping mulch, after I read in NZ Gardener magazine about an nonagenarian who used only lawn clippings on his garden and it was fabulous.

Cinders loves to be where the action is - lying all over my heirloom Dalmatian cabbages

I spend a lot of time gardening, and the gardens have come a long way since I moved in. It can't be too bad...I'm picking broad beans, kale, silverbeet, rhubarb, strawberries, spring onions, mesclun and lettuce, plus calla lilies and sweetpeas. And of course herbs.

I don't have the heart to pull out some of my plants that have gone to seed when I see how the bees love them. Does that mean they will have onion flavoured honey?

Calla Lilies

After growing calla lilies commercially for a couple of years I never wanted to see another one - but I have relented. They are low maintenance and last well in the vase.
I hope you've enjoyed the little garden ramble.


  1. Lovely garden & so refreshing! Wishing much success further :)

  2. I love your trellis and it's so nice to see someone in the world gardening while I am shoveling snow! ;-)


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