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Thursday, 8 January 2015

Gone Fishing and Iced Tea

We're just trying to keep cool here, with bright blue skies day after day, and beautiful starry nights.


Instead of bottled drinks I'm trying to go low (no) sugar, and no packaging, so have been making iced tea. I don't really have a recipe, and have been using up those random teabags that seem to accumulate, but which no one really likes hot, you know some of those strange fruit ones. I take a mix of 4 teabags and make a strong brew with them. If I need the iced tea in a hurry I pour the brew over a jugful of ice, along with some form of sweetener to taste, some mint leaves, a squeeze of lemon juice and a few lemon slices. 
If I am more organized I sit the brew in the fridge to chill and pour over ice in the glass. It makes a great alternative to water or alcoholic drinks. 

Gone Fishing

I helped Katie to make this sign for her Dad for Christmas. My part was mostly locating the things she needed and admiration. The sign was made from one of our shipwreck driftwood finds, painted using a paint pen, which makes writing easy, and strung with some old rope from a beach find.
 I think it turned out really well and her Dad was delighted. We've hung it out a few times while Derek is on holiday. We holiday at home as it is such a lovely spot on the coast and we just walk over the road to go fishing and swimming.
After putting the net out yesterday we had flounder for breakfast this morning - woohoo!

Flounder for breakfast

We get a lot of visitors over the summer, which is great but I have felt a bit distraught over the amount of packaging that comes in over this time. 
I have decided that an attitude change is necessary on my behalf, and now I see it as an opportunity for change by osmosis. Our visitors see what we are doing, and change comes in small increments...a recipe given here, a plant given there.
Then of course there has been the delight of receiving home made gifts - of divine pesto (thanks Di), elderflower cordial (thanks Erika), truffles (Trudy) and Trudy's divine broccoli salad - the best I have ever eaten - the recipe of which I will be sharing soon. And the fun of their company of course.

Thanks for stopping by at my blog today. 

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  1. Walk across the road and bring home flounder for breakfast ... sounds divine! I love the little sign your daughter made. Good job, Katie!


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