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Tuesday, 30 June 2015

Plastic Free July, Books as Art

After some consideration I have decided to sign on for Plastic Free July. I was deliberating over it because I thought it might make me feel like a failure, as I know at this point we are struggling to not buy some plastic. However there are different levels that one can commit to, and although we are in between those levels, I told Katie and Derek that I have committed to it and asked them to do what they can.

Today (1st of July) I have been to the beach picking up plastic, which I will keep til the month end, then weigh it in to see how well I can offset what comes in, and what we throw away. 
If you want to join in - take a look at this site

The first thing to come through the mail today (first day of plastic free) is my order of two new plastic saxophone reeds.
However, these will last up to two years each (at $45 each!!),
as opposed to the usual biodegradable reeds, which each come in a plastic holder with foil wrapper and a box, and only last a couple of months each.

Using Books In Art
I have discovered that some people really get upset with people cutting/tearing/sawing up books to create artworks. (I will no longer give my mother-in-law any of my collaged cards). I buy discarded books especially for this purpose, and well, at least they are then enjoyed again. 
I saw this on my facebook page and was interested in how many for and against comments it provoked.  
  This is a sculpture by Susanna Hesselberg called "When My Father Died It Was Like A Whole Library Had Burned Down"  go to the link here at this is

I just love books - whatever way they come.


  1. A fun trompe l'oeil!
    I'm doing the best I can to do a plastic free July but realistically I know it will only be a good try. My partner has all kinds of plastic things he uses and I know I can't change him overnight. I'll be working on it though! So far I have him using cloth bags at the grocery store and that's about it.

  2. Thank you Cynthia - I realized that I had forgotten to attribute the artwork and have now done so. It is actually an amazing sculpture, described as "a library that plummets into an abyss." Re the plastic- free - I think it's realistic that we can ultimately only be responsible for our own plastic use.


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