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Tuesday, 17 November 2015

It worked! and A Useful Refashion

So first up - how did my fruit leathers turn out from the Solar Dehydrator? (Previous post)

Woohoo - look at this!

Rhubarb & apple fruit leather from the solar dehydrator

 One tray was ready after 24 hours, the other took an extra few hours the next day. The speckles that you can see are my ground home-grown stevia that I used to help sweeten them up a bit.

Home made Roll ups

So I'm going to be making lots more, making use of those sunny days, plus will be doing sundried tomatoes and little feijoa bits when they are in season. All for free!

Something to do with Tee Shirts
I really don't suit tee shirts - the standard neckline doesn't look good on me, and now that I'm a bit older, I find anything around my neck a bit suffocating. If you are over 50 you might relate to this.
I found this blog Boundless Beauty via Pinterest. She gives good directions for converting a standard tee shirt into an off the shoulder tee. I didn't cut mine quite so wide, but am so happy with the result. From a tee shirt that I wasn't wearing, to one that will get lots of use.
Another thing that I did differently - apart from not bothering with all the measuring (typical of me), was to hand stitch a little rolled hem around the neckline. I also turned the sleeves up and stitched them in place to shorten them to be more feminine, and to suit my (short) stature.

Ok, so here's the evidence. No before photo - you all know what a band tee shirt looks like and I struggle with putting photos of myself on here - but too bad.

Derek bought me that tee shirt, so I did a dummy run on another one first, just in case it failed, but he agrees it looks better too.


  1. Your T-shirt looks great, Not just over 50's I can't stand things tight around my neck either end up pulling on it all day. Wonder if I have any I could alter! Your fruit leathers look delicious too :)

  2. Thanks! I've been wearing both tee shirts that I altered lots since, much better than them languishing in a drawer. I hope yours turn out great too.

  3. Your clever shirt remodel looks nice.
    I like men's t-shirts because they fit loosely and they are long and I like to wear leggings. But they do look frumpy because I have narrow shoulders and the sleeves hang down to my elbows. Here's my refashion. I run two rows of stitches on the shoulder seam and pull them slightly to make some gathers, then shorten the sleeves if they still need it. It's easy to find these for next to nothing and it's fun to look for logos that I like.
    It must be lovely to eat your fruit leather dried by the solar dryer you made. Well done!

    1. I had to picture how you do that alteration - yes that would work. You could rouche them too, with a couple of ties at the shoulder. I'm often hunting through the mens tee shirts too, looking for band memorabilia ones - but I haven't found much yet.

  4. Looks awesome and that’s the best album ever!

  5. Thanks! And agreed about the album. Thanks for your comment.


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