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Tuesday, 28 February 2017

Upcycled Beach Debris, Rolling out the Green Carpet

My Latest Upcycle

I loving reusing something that would have been just waste - so how about this:
When I ran out of nylon for my weed whipper, which isn't zero waste, but is better than weed spray around the house and garden, I spent ages hunting for a spare reel, but there was none.
Well we live out of town, so I looked around for an alternative - finding this lump of fishing nylon that we had picked up off the beach. It was the perfect diameter, so I wound it on to the reel - and it works perfectly well!

Putting beach debris to good use

Exciting developments on the local zero waste/ plastic bag free/ environmental front.
There has been a round of emails to gather all of those working and volunteering in these fields in Northland to get together to present a unified front.
There are quite a lot of groups keeping our beaches and roadsides clean, our events as low waste, reducing plastic bag use, helping our schools and businesses to reduce waste, encouraging small coastal towns to go single use plastic free, putting pressure on farmers and the government to clean up our rivers and working on better waste management in the North.
Isn't that fabulous? Watch this space.

As if that weren't enough! Yesterday, my favourite Bin Inn bulk store in Kamo, has decided to give all shoppers who bring their own containers a 5% discount, as well as giving away a free jute bag (with no plastic liner) to shoppers who spend over $50.
Then I stopped in at the Kamo butcher's to pick up my order (in my own containers) and I noticed that they have a huge roll of brown paper behind the counter for wrapping meat purchases. The lovely young butcher proceeded to tell me that he's turned into one of us - refusing plastic bags and receipts, and taking his trundler to the market. Change is a-happenin'.


  1. You are definitely resourceful, not sure I would have thought to use fishing line.

    Love hearing about converts to plastic-free living and a butcher comes into contact with so many people daily he's bound to convert a few more.

    1. It feels like we hear of more businesses and individuals making change for the good here every day, but still a long way to go.

    2. Clever repurposing. It is heartening to hear that so many groups are working on environmental issues in your area. There are several in our area and they work together somewhat, which is good. Good news on the disposables at the grocery store and butcher shop, too. Here, I am the only person I have ever seen with my own cloth bags in the produce department and maybe in one out of five visits I see someone with a cloth carrying bag instead of accepting the store plastic bags. It becomes depressing if I let it!

    3. I can understand how that could be so disheartening Cynthia, but surely someone will see what you do and it will spur them on, then someone will see them...


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