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Sunday, 26 November 2017

Ghost Net Art and..a New Fly Swat!

 Hi All. During a recent trip to Brisbane we visited GOMA (Gallery of Modern Art). There we chanced upon an exhibition by some Torres Strait (Northern Queensland) residents using ghost nets - those that have washed up after drifting around in the ocean.

Ghost Net Basket by Mahnah Angela Torenbeek

Ghost Net Basket with Shells by Mahnah Angela Torenbeek
Ghost Net Gear Bag, Blue Flowers by Reggie Sabatino

I just loved these  - zero waste art, plus usable too. These have been exhibited worldwide with ghost net artworks now fetching big $$$.

And for a laugh...My man was complaining that the plastic fly swats always break, so I told him I didn't want any more coming into the house thanks. Instead, I made him one from an ice cream container lid, the handle was a kitchen scraper that had started to break, and it's sewn together with fishing nylon from a reel that someone was about to throw out.

 I have to say that it works a treat.  


  1. A handmade flyswatter, you are amazing! My mom still has a very old one, from the 1940s I think. It has a wooden handle and a metal mesh swatter and it's the best one I've ever used. I'll probably inherit it someday! I don't think it will ever wear out or break.
    I enjoyed the art and especially like the basket with shells.

    1. They knew how to make fly swatters back then Cynthia. My first thought was to make an Amish style one - leather and wood - but I was persuaded by the main fly swatting person to go with the upcycled plastic. There may yet be swatter #2.


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