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Tuesday, 30 January 2018

Reusable Gift Bags

Isn't it funny how you always do something one way - then you discover a new and better way. This time I'm talking about gift wrapping.For many years I haven't bought gift wrap, choosing to recycle anything I already had, but insisting that it has to look attractive.
For Christmas this year I made a few fabric gift bags, something I hadn't done before. I couldn't believe how easy it made gift wrapping - and of course the big plus side is that they can be reused time and time again. Also it gets other people (the recipients) using them (hopefully), if not they can give them back.

You don't really see fabric gift bags for sale anywhere do you - apart from maybe online craft sites. So I had a great idea - gift bags for every occasion. 

Fabric gift bags

I flew my idea past a friend who runs an annual Early Childhood Education conference with an environmental theme. She loved it - they want to use them as part of the environmentally friendly conference bags.
The bags can have a drawstring threaded through them and be used to hold kids toys or even as snack bags, or they can be tied with recycled ribbons, hemp string, or even fabric scraps to give gifts in.
So, I have an order for 200 - but I have until November. I am using donated fabric remnants and recycled materials to make them.

One morning's pick

Derek's catch cry was "You can never have too many tomatoes". Well we have been giving them away, roasting and freezing them and of course enjoying them fresh and in savoury dishes. No, you can never have too many!


  1. Wow, what w bunch of tomatoes! It makes my mouth water just to look at them. No good tomatoes here at this time of year.
    I hear of people making the reusable gift bags and it seems like a good idea but to buy holiday fabric is just too expensive here. Plus the nearest fabric store is over an hour away. I use brown kraft paper and decorate it for whatever holiday it is. It can be recycled and even composted.

    1. Yes material is expensive here too, but fortunately a lot of people seem to be clearing out their stash and donating it, including my own stash that I have moved around for years. Seems like a good way to use it up :-)

  2. Love your reusable gift bags. I made gift bags too from repurposed calico flour bags and sometimes material from my stash. I've also started wrapping furoshiki style, just simply but it works well. I use fabrics from old pillowcases that I find at op-shops or lengths of fabric that people are selling from their stashes. Meg:)


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