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Tuesday, 1 May 2018

The Mermaid & What I've Been Up To.

Where does the time go? 
We have been busy - cleaning out our garage so that Katie could have a 17th birthday party in there (eek - but the party wasn't too bad). 

This meant sorting a lot of stuff, so we have been to our local car boot sale early on a Sunday morning selling things off, then donating the rest. The market is pure entertainment - some real characters there. 

I've also been busy selling off the bone china and old cutlery that I started collecting a few years ago. I'm getting a good return on my investment, money going towards a big trip later this year. 
Next to go will be my crystal brooch collection - we can't keep everything right?

The Mermaid
I've decided to share the next pictures with you so that you can see it's never too late to have a bit of fun. On our birthday (Derek and I share) there was something called the Whangarei Fritter Festival - lots of bands, food is mostly fritters (for which there is a competition), and beer and wine. It's lots of fun, but not cheap at $45 each, and then you buy your food and drinks.

The Fritter Festival 2018

I saw that one of the bands was running a competition with free tickets as a prize, for anyone who would dress as a mermaid and post the pic to their page. 
Well I could tell that I had a good chance with few entered, and none following instructions... so at 59, I won my first mermaid competition with this pic.

An unflattering but winning pic haha! Tail is a piece of fabric with a spray painted flipper that we found on the beach. Oh that's a wig by the way.


  1. LOL!! I'm so glad you won for your efforts, especially your crowning glory - the wig! Nice that your teacup investment is paying off and you can use the proceeds to enjoy some travel. You have some very pretty cups.

  2. Love your tea cup collection ... I don't drink tea but they are very pretty. Great you could sell them and make some money for travelling. Meg:)


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