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Thursday, 14 August 2014

Dyeing a Little Here, The Power of Kindness


Ok, so I have a little cold and not much oomph, but it's not that kind of dying.
On month 11 out of 12 months of not buying any clothes, I thought I would change up a few items out of my - "don't wear it anymore" pile.
I was prepared to sacrifice any of them, knowing that dyeing can sometimes have unexpected results. I started with two packets of Rit dye, as I wanted to mix the colours.Purple and Scarlet Rit mixed turned out a lovely raspberry colour.
In total I dyed eight items - several were just as ugly as before, so will go, but four are improved a lot.
I separated the items into cottons and acrylics, as cotton requires salt to fix the colour, and acrylic requires vinegar.
I didn't take photos of all before sorry, but here are some pics.

Before dye

Now a more wearable colour
Thought I'd go right ahead and wear it to play in, Saturday.

A sixties lurex top that I had already refashioned 

The new colour makes it look a little more contemporary

 I wish I had paid attention when the instructions said wear gloves - I have lovely red hands, which will look interesting when I play in the band tomorrow.

"The Power of Kindness"
is a book I picked up recently. There was a reference in it to global cooling - a new term to me. 
"I am convinced that global cooling goes hand in hand with the accelerated pace in all sectors of modern life. We are under pressure - we cannot afford to waste even a second. Children are made to grow up fast and we feel proud when they can complete next year's curriculum early. Computers are faster and more powerful. Purchases are instantaneous - we can have almost immediately what we want. Employees have to be able to answer for every minute of their time. Cars are made to go faster, and speed limits are raised.
To increase profits new versions of consumer items come out ever more frequently. "Pointless" activities, like having a chat, meeting in the square or in a park, idling away the time with others, are often discouraged. If all this is happening, inevitably the room for warmth becomes less and less."

One of the things I love about living slow is that it gives me the opportunity to offer my services - if someone is throwing a party - to help cater or set up, or if they are moving house to help clean, or with a friend who is having treatment for cancer to phone her, and to drive her places if needed.
Time is a luxury.  


  1. I love the new colors. I've never tried dying anything (except wool with plant dyes) but your successes will make me think about it. I did a year of buying nothing a couple years ago, and it changed me forever, especially in the area of wants vs needs.
    One of the things I love most about being retired is finally being free to do some of those "pointless activities" you mention. I still myself thinking, I should be doing something more productive, but I'm getting better at it! You and your red hands have a fun weekend!

  2. Thanks Cynthia! It was a fun weekend - I've just thrown in a photo of me off to play in my "new" top.


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