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Monday, 4 August 2014

Garage Sale Finds, Dog Kennel Artwork, A Cool Fishing Spot

A Stitch in Time  
Sometimes life just gets in the way of my blog, with things breaking down plus my usual time spent making things from scratch, and also recently self maintenance.. routine doctor, dentist and hairdresser stuff, plus sax practice.
But I'm back with a little gathering of things.

Watercress - grow it like this..
Recently I posted that I'd discovered you didn't need a running stream for watercress and planted some from a bag I bought, in a recycled fridge turned drinks cooler/planter box, and it is growing famously!

watercress crop

I also have some inside in a shallow bowl doing extremely well too.

Fishing Spot
I've just been for a bike ride and thought I would put in a pic of this cool spot that someone has built over the river for fishing.

Roadside fishing spot

On the Dog's Kennel
This is Derek's sense of humour.

Derek's artwork - bird scarer, bone and driftwood

Garage Sale Finds
Last weekend we had to make an extra trip to town on Saturday, so thought we may as well do a little garage sale-ing. It was late morning so mostly the good stuff was well gone, but I found a hanging basket for 50c, which I find handy to keep the possums out of my plants, plus some Christmas lights for 50c - you can never have too many fairy lights eh, and a stack of old terracotta pots for $1. Derek picked up a DVD player in perfect working order for $5, so we were well pleased. 

A little garage sale recycling

And lastly, a pic of the little fellow who flits around our garden, especially when I open the compost bin and the lots of little insects fly out. He's so friendly so I hope he looks out for my big black cat...

NZ native fantail, Maori name Piwakawaka

He has the cutest little peeping call.


  1. It looks like your watercress is doing quite well. Bet it's delicious in salads.
    I love the fantail -- I've never seen one before. Is the tail open all the time or is it a display thing?

    1. Hi Cynthia, yes the fantail's tail is like that all the time - they use it in their short flitty flight, catching bugs in mid air. I've had a rethink since planting my watercress that I need to find another planter for it that isn't plastic - lined, as I am worried it might leach toxins. Maybe I'll put water lilies in there instead.

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