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Thursday, 11 September 2014

Domestic Goddess

Yep, that was me today - Domestic Goddess.
I felt a little mad scientist too as I mixed up my best-cleaning-paste-recipe-ever, and made a batch of toothpowder.
Then it was out to the studio to whip up a little present for my new great niece. I thought some lovely embroidered vintage linen that I had picked up for a couple of dollars would make pretty little bibs.

I just realized the background looks a bit untidy - but they are sitting on a vintage suitcase.

Before I threw some loaves of bread into the oven, I used the warmed oven to make these beeswax food wraps that I had seen on quarteracrelifestyle

Beeswax wraps. I think you can get white wax, which might look better.

They are just grated beeswax on fabric, then pop them into a warm oven for a few minutes until the wax melts. I had some recycled tinfoil under them to save my tray. Then hang them to cool for a few minutes - done!
After looking back at quarteracrelifestyle's blog, I think I probably need to put a bit more beeswax on mine - but I'll see how they go.
They can be used to wrap sandwiches or cover containers for the fridge instead of clingwrap as they just mold to the shape of the container. They can be wiped clean or gently washed and reused. 

Last Weekend ...
was Father's Day, and we popped down to Auckland. It was a glorious day so we took a stroll on Milford Beach. I just thought I'd put a photo of it to show why I felt like rushing back to our beach.

Milford Beach on a beautiful Sunday

Our local Northland Beach
Thanks for dropping by.

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