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Thursday, 18 September 2014

Ecosolutions, Paper Works

Yesterday I popped in to Ecosolutions in Whangarei to see if they knew how to dispose of old smoke alarms, which have toxic chemicals in them and shouldn't just go to the dump. They hadn't been handed any before, so took them to dispose of with the IT waste, which they charge a few dollars to get rid of for people.
It's great having people you can ask your eco questions of - like can you use eco-friendly lightbulbs with dimmer switches? (turns out you can if you use LED bulbs)

They sell some eco-friendly products there, and I bought these net bags to put my fruit and veg in at the market and supermarket. Apparently certain supermarkets are happy for them to be used - mine included.

Mail Art
One of the things I love about making mail art is the fun of taking them in to the post office to get stamps. The counter staff there always comment on them, obviously enjoying something that they don't see much of.
Wouldn't you love to get something like this in the mail that was totally unexpected? I would.

Just a simple wrap using vintage wallpaper, with a recycled courier bag inside for protection.

And A Card

It was my daughter's 21st birthday this week so I made her this card (in which to put money). Instead of having a party she is flying out to the USA tomorrow (compliments of her father and me) with two of her best friends, for a short holiday to catch up with friends and family and take in the sights - all the way to New York. I am excited for them, but a bit nervous-mother too.

I love using old maps, and this card is personalized with Maria's trip destination

You can see why every time I go to tidy up my studio it just gets worse - I keep finding little projects to work on. Anyway - must dash off, we have to get someone to the airport!


  1. I like your mesh veg bags. I made some similar ones years ago and have never had any store tell me I couldn't use them. I know what you mean about tidying up the crafts - as soon as I try, I see things I could make, which is way more fun than tidying up!

    1. I'm looking forward to seeing what response I get when using the mesh bags Cynthia. I have never seen anyone use anything other than the supermarket's plastic bags..we are a bit behind in such things here it seems.


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