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Monday, 9 February 2015

Broccoli and Another Refashion

Another fabulous day in Paradise  - my friend Di took this lovely photo at the beach not far from here (where we have been relaxing and swimming today).

We had friends visiting last weekend, and I think they may have been shocked at the, ahem, organic nature of my vege garden. No straight lines there, lots of things going to seed. But it is still amazing how much food we gather from it.

Broccoli - use those leggy heads

I was feeling a bit guilty about the broccoli - most of it went to seed. I don't normally grow broccoli, but the seed came free. I always feel that my home grown broccoli gets insects which don't wash out in those tight heads and I have to examine them v-e-r-y carefully before I will eat it.
However I have discovered some spin offs. Firstly, the green shield beetles love the seed heads, and they are easy to see and flick into hot water. I read that Kay Baxter of Koanga Nurseries uses a Mustard crop as a "catch" crop for this purpose. Secondly, I am saving loads of the seeds and am going to try it as microgreens - where you plant the little seedlings thickly and use them when they have baby leaves, full of nutrition in your salad or stir fry. Genius!
Another thing I learned recently is that there is no reason to toss out those leggy broccoli heads (leggy heads?) when they are getting ready to flower, just pick them and put them in your stir fry or steam and toss in lemon butter.

Another Refashion

I feel a bit funny about modelling these - being no model, but my blog is about being real, so here goes...
I'm back doing a little clothes shopping - not new, but of my favourite, second hand designer clothes. I love to improve what I get with my sewing machine, so here is a dress I picked up recently, which I have taken in, up at the shoulders and removed one of the layers to shorten it.

Before - Agh, should have worn make-up


Despite it being my size, it was enormous.

I'm hoping by sharing my refashions that I might inspire others to buy recycled - not because they can't afford new, but as an ethical choice. 

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  1. I love the beach photo. I can see why you say you live in paradise! It's snowing like crazy here right now, on top of a sheet of ice that came down earlier in stinging pellets. Glad I'm not driving.


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