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Monday, 23 February 2015

Greener Life Snippets

 Today's blog is snippets from living a greener life.

Green Ginger
Eighteen months ago I blogged about planting this root ginger that looked like it was sprouting.

At various times I have seen leaves come and go, and have thought - "Oh, I've killed it", but just left it alone in the pot. This summer it has come back with some new shoots. When it dies down again (which I now know it does), I'm going to repot it. I think I will be able to start taking pieces to use soon. 

Ginger plant grown from a root from the supermarket

Don't Buy New
Recently I needed to get a "new" food bowl for our dog Munta. This time I've gone for practical - charity shop, $3.00, unbreakable.

Munta's "new-to-him"  upcycled 80's ovenware bowl

I thought it was a good alternative to spending around $20 on a plastic one like this (although I know you can get them cheaper, but I don't like to buy plastic anyway)

The water bowl is also recycled - it was once a gas bottle stand.

Thank Heavens I Can Sew
I had been looking for a gauzy cover up top, when I came across this lovely one in a charity shop. 

The thing about buying preloved clothing is that often it has something strange about it, like an odd fit, which is where the ability to handle a sewing machine comes in useful. I didn't love the angel wing sleeves, but now after a trim back to caftan shape, they are perfect. 

Ooh - upside down picture - but you get the idea

Well that's it for today's post. I'm off out to the studio for another day's sewing. Yesterday I got through about ten little projects of clothes that I had put aside for altering, upcycled carrier bags for trimming, stretch headbands for bad hair I'm starting on the baby gifts.

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  1. Grow your own ginger -- good for you! And the top you altered is gorgeous. I agree with you on the sleeves. A bit too angel-y.


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