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Tuesday, 3 March 2015

In Which We Visit A Beautiful Garden

Today's post is brought to you by the sound of cicadas chirruping in the background, the perfume of frangipani flowers and the taste of white sapote and passionfruit that I'm having for morning tea. I'm sorry I can't share those sensations with you, but I have some visual treats in store from a visit Di and I made to my friend and newly-retired-ex-colleague, Agnes.

Agnes grows these beautiful frangipanis

They live in a frost-free area - frangipani tree, shell ropes
How about this for a spot to have morning tea!

My best bud Dianne up the white Sapote tree gathering fruit
I bought myself a couple of pineapple plants to try

Garden statue carved from a punga fern trunk

Agnes is from Samoa, so her garden is like having her home island around her.
White Sapote is a soft sub-tropical fruit, with a creamy texture, like that of an avocado, but sweet. I have seedlings and a place to put them.
I'm going back in hibiscus-pruning time to get cuttings galore. We aspire to a garden like Agnes's, but hers has been in for 26 years, so we have a way to go.
Isn't that some garden!

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  1. It looks like I imagine the Garden of Eden! I've never tasted sapote so I was glad for your description. The view from her deck just couldn't be more wonderful and warm looking. It's still very cold and white here in Minnesota.


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