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Thursday, 12 March 2015

Visit a New Zealand Beach Settlement

This week saw Derek and I celebrate our birthdays - on the same day which makes it double the fun.
I have strongly encouraged him never to work on his (our) birthday, so every year we make a point of going off to play and enjoy the day.
This birthday started with a spot of fishing off a little landing built in a pohutukawa tree over the river. We decided that we felt quite Huck Finn, but didn't catch any fish. 
Tea and scones (and Derek)

Next we went to Schnappa Rock restaurant at Tutukaka Marina for lunch (a favourite spot).

Schnappa Rock Restaurant - Tutukaka

Then by late afternoon we were swimming at Matapouri Bay.

Matapouri Bay - Northland, New Zealand

Baches, Matapouri.

I particularly love the top two baches - having painted them, and sold both paintings. I feel I know them really well.
I have many memories associated with Matapouri, as my family had a little bach there when I was young, although not as picturesque as the ones I have photographed.

Pebble Beach, Matapouri

A little found beach treasure

A walk to the far end of the beach, then across a little cutting brings you to a pebble covered cove.
Matapouri is approximately 40 minutes drive from Whangarei, on the East coast of Northland. There are probably 150 residents, which swells to thousands over the summer. There is just one beach shop.
On this beautiful Autumn day there were a handful of other people there. Nice spot huh?

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