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Wednesday, 27 May 2015

Live in the Sunshine

So I'm off on holiday...

Thank you to "freephotos at guru" for the image

in reality this means for the past few days I have been hard out cleaning in preparation for the house sitter. Bear in mind that our family members (including a 2 1/2 year old) have just moved to their own house this week after 2 months here and you will understand that I am busy cleaning windows.

I decided to challenge myself whilst doing the windows by doing them with my eyes shut, to see what it might be like cleaning as a sightless person, going by touch. Of course, I was able to open my eyes after each one and rate myself - I did quite well - you should try it sometime.
I use Dr Bronner's castille liquid soap in hot water, followed by newspaper to dry, and that makes a great job. I like that the Dr Bronner's I use is peppermint scented, which is known to be invigorating and insects dislike it.

The young ones have done incredibly well, selling a house in Perth, moving the family (plus cat and dog) back here, buying a new house, finding 2 jobs and childcare. Plus shipping back a car and a container of furniture etc, all within about 3 months. What a huge undertaking - I take my hat off to them. 
One of the nice things about retiring means that I have been able to help out. That is a luxury these days.

We are one week away from the start of Winter here, and last week I picked aubergines and tomatoes from outdoor plants. This is not usual here, but they are in a warm position. It has to be climate change. We seem to be more fortunate here, in our own little micro climate than so many others are around the world, where the effects of climate change have been much harsher. 

I'll be back in a bit....just off to do a bit of living in the sunshine and swimming in the sea, and maybe drinking a few cocktails as well as the "wild air". Cheers!


  1. Everyone needs a bit of "wild air" now and then! Have a wonderful time. We call the purple thing eggplant and yours are so shiny and pretty, and I'm sure delicious. Not sure I will try your blind window washer experiment. I leave enough streaks with my eyes wide open!

    1. Thanks Cynthia - half the time we call them eggplant here too, seems we can't decide here in NZ.

  2. Lucky you! Enjoy the Island feeling, the both of you!!!

    1. Thanks Erika. We're back now - it was superb.


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