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Sunday, 10 May 2015

The New Artisans

The New Artisans

I fell in love with this book by Olivier Dupon when I first saw it whilst visiting a friend almost two years ago. When I got back home I requested it from our library, but unfortunately someone else loved it so much that they stole it before I could have it. So when we saw it in a bookshop, I decided that it would be one that I would enjoy dipping into and Derek kindly bought it for me.

The front part of the book is dedicated to different artists, with such beautiful inspiring photographs. The back section is a gallery, divided into different types of art, such as ceramics, metalwork, textiles and jewellery.
It's a great book to pick up and dip back into - makes me want to get over to my studio and create!

It has been a busy week, but not a lot of new activity for my blog - so I've just decided to post up a few original images that I have made.

Poetry by Celia Thaxter

This is a little technique that I have taught myself from
If you don't know it already, go and have a play - it's great what you can do - mostly for free, but if you want something fancy then you can pay. 
It's fun to be retired and have time to learn new tricks.

And a journal page, with a quote I like

Altered Book Journal page

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  1. I live a peek at your creations! Maybe you will inspire me to be brave enough to put some of mine on my blog. Maybe! Thanks for the quote you left on my blog comments. I really love it and had not heard it before. It will be my mantra these last few days before I leave for my new home. Now I'm off to look up the difference between artist and artisan.

    1. That is a good question Cynthia, and to save others having to go look that up here is an informed opinion on that - "An artist creates something whose only value is aesthetic. An artisan creates something that is functional -- bread, furniture, etc. -- but attempts to imbue some element of artistry or aesthetics in his craft."
      You do get to see quite a few of my creations on my brave...don't worry about what people will think!

  2. Glad you commented on mine, when you do it's a reminder to flick over and see what you are up to. Love your recycled umbrella clothes rack and I am going to try and find this book, it looks lovely! I also love PicMonkey and do quotes and pictures to put on the fridge. You have alot of content I haven't seen, back to reading!


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