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Sunday, 18 October 2015

I Have Always Aspired To Be....

A hippie! Right from when I was a teenager, but not your weed smoking type out of the 70's. I just wanted to live in the country, grow things, make things and not have to go to work. Tick.

So this week as I was out working in the garden on yet another beautiful morning, I reflected on how perfect it all is. I'm out there in my swimsuit top and shorts, working gently on a healthy tan to suit my outfit for this weekend coming, when our band will play at a wine and food festival in the Bay of Islands - for about 2,000 people. 

I'm not the young thing I once was however, and was thinking I need a better swimsuit - one with a bit more, ahem, support.
I found this idea somewhere under refashioned clothes, and it has worked perfectly. I've just sewn a previously unused strapless bra to the lining. Huge improvement!
Sorry, not modelling this one - too shy

Back to the garden - I love how the flowers work in there. I've grown alssyum and lavender, calendulars and geranium, and they bring in the bees. 
We had visitors from Auckland last week, and I'm proud to say the 14 year old boy got his first ever bee sting here. It looked really red, and I wondered out loud if maybe he was allergic to bees, but he said it was because his Dad told him to slap it, it would help. I've never heard of that before (chuckles to self), so I got out the lavender oil, which takes the sting away almost immediately.

The rhubarb and peas have grown back nicely since we caught all the possums, and there is barely any evidence of other pests in there at the moment.

I'm about to be feeding courgettes to hundreds of people soon as all four plants start producing - but I am prepared. I've bought myself one of those gizmos that turn courgettes into healthy spaghetti - will keep you posted. 

This is our other overflow garden - not so pretty and needs more work on the soil, but it's getting there. That's my garlic crop.
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  1. I totally want to be your kind of hippie too!
    I've almost got it going on, still working two days a week, but hey that's all most people get for a weekend!
    I love your veggie garden, it looks so good fenced like that.

    1. The fence makes it look sweet - but the real purpose is to stop the dog digging in there ...and worse. :-)

  2. I WAS a 1970s hippy - and proud of it! No pot, but an idealistic and self sufficient, Peace and Love, Not War hippy.
    I love seeing your garden. I have raised my family's food every year of my life but this was my first summer and South Carolina and mine was an epic fail, the only thing that did well was the herbs on the deck. Discouraging isn't the word for it!

    1. There was no disrespect intended to hippies from the 70's Cynthia :-), loving, gentle people for the most part, who were more in tune with nature than many today. Just meaning I'm not that laid back. After all, they were the example I always aspired to follow.

    2. Oh, I knew you meant only admiration and no disrespect, Anne!


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