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Wednesday, 7 September 2016

Beetroot Joy and Non-Stick Bakeware

This year I have grown beetroot for the very first time. It was by accident really, as they were a free packet of seeds that came from Koanga Gardens, where I order my seeds online. 

When I was young my parents grew beetroot, but it was only ever used sliced and bottled in vinegar. In recent years I have discovered a whole new world of beetroot uses - first as a juice component - yum, then roasted beetroot (who knew!), and just recently grated raw beetroot in salads, and the baby leaves in salads too.
I haven't even tried beetroot powder as make up colouring or natural dye yet.
One of the great things about growing beetroot is that the possums only eat the tops, so I don't lose the crop.

These came in the mail yesterday - so guess what I'm going to be busy doing today.

Non Stick Pans
Ok, so this is a little rant.
I strongly dislike non-stick bakeware. What is that coating anyway? - because eventually it comes off - and you find it stuck to your baking!
I have been searching for some new bread pans that are not non-stick and that has been a mission.
I don't use any baking paper now that I have discovered Miracle Pan Release so I don't want that flaking surface near my food.
I have finally purchased some of these stainless steel pans from a hospitality/catering equipment shop.

They are actually the containers that restaurants use for serving food in heated counters for buffet type meals. They were $18.00 each and should last forever - and they work perfectly.
The old pans will be repurposed - probably as seed trays.


  1. Before we had baking paper, our grandparents would grease and flour the tin they were cooking in. It totally works. I even did an experiment once, two exact tins, one lined with baking paper, one greased and floured, absolutely no difference, they both came out of the pan just fine.

    In one of the blogs I read, the lady bakes a lot of things in pyrex and glass pans.

    I am waiting for my fry pan to die, and I will never buy a non stick fry pan again, it will be replaced with a cast iron one, they use them a lot in America.

    1. That's what the Miracle Pan release is - a mix of flour and grease, but it's so handy having it ready made in the fridge to just brush on. Yes we've all been brainwashed (briefly) about non-stick.

  2. PS I'm sure she greases and flours the pyrex before she bakes in them.

  3. I don't use the non stick pans at all. Ever! My baking pans are ancient. I've had them forever and they were second hand when I got them. I grease and flour my bread pans and it works well for me. I like a little coarse cornmeal on the bottom of my bread loaf for extra chewiness of the crust.
    Beets, I love beets! Oven roasted are my favorite, too. I also like steamed beats cut into matchsticks on a salad. Delicious and such a pretty color.
    How exciting to get a whole package of brand new seeds in the mail. Oh, the possibilities ...!

    1. I was hunting through all the second hand shops for ages Cynthia, trying to find some of those beloved old pans, but no luck - everyone must keep them or throw them out thinking no one would want them.

  4. I've been trying to talk myself into growing beets and giving them a try -maybe next summer. The only way I'd had beets was from a can and mashed up and they were gross. I think I'd enjoy them grated in a salad though.

    As for non-stick pans I'm with you on that, I hate them. For bakeware I use glass instead but I love your stainless steel pans.

  5. I think it's time you gave the beets another chance too - hope you are pleasantly surprised :-)


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