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Friday, 16 September 2016

Junk and Junk Mail

I have been reading two books simultaneously (as you do) and between them they have prompted me to action.
The first is 

I was interested to learn that US Route 411 becomes a giant 250 mile long junk-a-palooza known as the Highway 411 Yard Sale, for 4 days every Fall (Autumn).
What fun that must be! And on the other side of the coin, a great way to have a clear out. 
Both Derek and I appear to be collectors, not hoarders (much), but we're going to have to work on sorting it.
The second book is rather tongue-in-cheek...

In which I found this quote that I rather liked...

"If a cluttered desk is a sign of a cluttered mind, of what, then, is an empty desk a sign?"
                                             - Albert Einstein

These two books have been directly responsible for my sorting the spare bedroom ("Oh there is a bed in there" says Derek), my potting area and the studio.

Of course, having everything left out around you promotes creativity. The neatness will only last so long I'm afraid.

Junk Mail has been on my mind since we had a fill-in postie a few weeks back and I found this pile in our letterbox. 

We had put a halt to junk mail a long time ago.  Most people get this amount several times a week, which set me thinking... Several years ago I joined a campaign to reduce junk mail in my suburb, by taking these stickers around, but I was supposed to canvas people before giving them out. Well my parents became ill at that stage and I didn't get far, so still have the little pile of stickers. 

I have decided to just deliver them to letterboxes in my daughter's street, then monitor how many actually go onto those letterboxes. Ironic really, as I will be adding to the junk mail, but I'm only going to do a little bit and then see if it is worth it. 
I think junk mail should be something people should have to opt in to, rather than opt out of, as many people just let it keep coming by not doing anything, and it promotes needless consumerism and waste. Rant over. 


  1. Junk mail is a big thorn in my side at the moment.
    I haven't had it for years, as I've had a sign on my letter box for years, but lately it's being put in there regardless! I've rung the distribution company once, and it stopped for a couple of weeks, but it's back again now!
    I'm so angry about it!

    1. Hmm Cheryl, you might need a big blatant sign that they can't miss, get creative. I don't know how so many people put up with junk mail.

  2. It's the same problem in the US, too, the junk mail that is, but a lot less prolific in this poorer part of the country. We're not worth spending the advertising money on, plus there are fewer businesses to advertise I guess.
    Do you read Treading My Own Path? She has photos in her latest post of their new, very green home. I really admire her and enjoy and appreciate her blog immensely, and I expected to just love her home. I didn't! which very much surprised me. I am always trying to become more minimalist but I see now I like a little bit of "clutter". A project in process here and there, cozy things like a hand knit blanket and a few pillows on the couch, photos of family -- these things are pleasing and comforting. Anyway, it was interesting.
    Hope you are enjoying your weekend. 😸

    1. Yes I do read Treading My Own Path, and thought the same as you. It would definitely prompt me not to get rid of too much. No art?!! Hope you have a great week.

  3. I agree - many years ago, my husband and I were on vacation for 2 weeks. While we were gone, we had our mail stopped at the post office to be picked up upon our return. This was the last part of August so Christmas was on the horizon - at least all the retail sale businesses thought so. When we stopped to pick up our mail, I expected a couple of piles rubber banded together. Nope - one of their medium to large bins at least 3/4 full!!! They were almost as shocked as we were. 98% of it was advertising - flyers - donation requests and catalogs. After that, I was on a mission to eliminate as much of that as possible. I wrote letters including address labels and I sent emails to those that had websites available. Some days we don't get any mail, now, although, we just moved and seem to be getting new junk mail, so still have that to deal with. I agree - opt in not opt out. We have enough to do and this does take time to address. Ranee (MN) USA

    1. But so worth doing Ranee. When you do get junk mail after having none, it feels so offensive.


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