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Thursday, 12 January 2017

The Stone Store, Kerikeri, New Zealand

Old buildings in New Zealand are just babies, compared to the rest of the world, but this one is solidly built, and I think will be around for a very long time.
The Stone Store in Kerikeri was built in 1833. Currently it is still a store, selling wonderful well made, authentic items that would have been for sale during the 1840's.

The building next to the Stone Store is Kemp House - the oldest building in New Zealand - built in 1819.

The Stone Store, Kerikeri, and Kemp House

I bought a couple of brushes for my kitchen.

The store staff are in period costume and they take tours through the building every hour.

I loved that they even had glass jars of old fashioned boiled lollies for sale behind the counter.

Years ago Derek collected some of the hand made nails that were used in the original shingle roof, as they were tossed away by the builders doing the reroof.


  1. What an interesting old store and so wonderful it has been preserved and restored.
    Yesterday we searched the stores in our area for a non-plastic hand held scrub brush, one made of wood and natural bristles. We finally settled for the only one we could find which is a bit large for my hand and has a hole drilled in the center for use on a stick to scrub floors. The only other option was to order one from Amazon and have it sent from England. England! I am now envying your new purchase. :-)

    1. I bought just such a scrubbing brush last time I was there, without the hole though. The brushes are pricey, but I expect them to last, when cared for properly.

  2. How nice these buildings have been preserved and even more that they haven't sustained damage in the earthquakes.

    1. We are very fortunate here in the North, Lois, in that we are off the fault line, so don't get earthquakes up here. It has made Northland attractive to many South Islanders who have had enough of the tremors.


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