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Saturday, 14 July 2018

Keeping Rice Crackers Good, a Dinosaur, a Phone Holder...

Hi there. 

We were out for lunch a couple of days ago and it reminded me of a hack (that is a tip for the older generation) that I learned from my daughter. 
The grandson had these rice cracker type things, and it reminded me how quickly they go soft - but my daughter taught me that you store them in the fridge and they stay crisp - you don't even have to seal the packet! I thought maybe I was the last person in the world to know this, but seeing as my stepdaughter didn't know that - I'm sharing it.

Little grandson turned 2 a week or so back, and he's hugely into dinosaurs. We found him a dinosaur book appropriate for his age, and I made him a rice-stuffed dinosaur that can be heated in the microwave for him to snuggle. Their old villa is incredibly cold in Winter. 

I also made him a sleep sack out of scrap material with an inner of an old felted wool blanket.

While I'm on the sewing with scraps theme...
we end up with a lot of fabric scraps from using the overlockers when making boomerang bags. I don't like to throw them out, so here are a couple of things that I've made from them. 

One is just a lowly pincushion, but the fancy thing about it is that flat piece out behind -  it sits under the sewing machine so that it stays put.
The second is a prototype of a phone holder that I made by copying one I saw on Pinterest. I feel the design could be tweaked a little to get the phone to sit more steadily, but hey - it works.

And lastly, while we're still on the subject of sewing - I wanted to show you our SewGood Station.

Whangarei's SewGood Station - a community sewing machine

This is one of our donated machines, set up permanently in Ecosolutions, in Whangarei for anyone at all to use. So, if people need to do mending or want to sew their own reusable bags - it's free to use, although a koha (donation) is happily accepted. 
There is a stash of materials, threads, scissors - in fact about everything you'd need - right there. There's also an overlocker there for people to use, although it's only a 3 thread. A 3 thread overlocker is only good for finishing edges, whereas a 4 thread is strong enough to sew the seam.
I think it's great - but it doesn't get used much yet.

Oh, and do you like my new blog header? I've been meaning to do this for years, but have just had the incentive provided for me - something a bit exciting that can be revealed closer towards the end of the year. Sorry - going to keep you in suspense.


  1. Just discovered your blog and I really enjoyed it. Thanks for the sewing ideas, I will attempt some of them.

    1. Hi Rosemary - glad you enjoyed it. Thanks for taking the time to comment.

  2. I would love to have access to an over locker, or serger as they are called here! Can't justify buying one for the amount of use it would get but it sure would be handy. The Sew Good room is such a good idea. No one here knows how to sew anymore, even the daughters I taught when they were children. The little Dino cuddler is so cute. I made my grandsons owl ones and two of the four have worn out their first one and are on their second! Winters are very cold where they live.
    I love your new header.

    1. It seems like there's a bit of interest in sewing among the younger generation here. People stopped sewing clothes when imports became so cheap - but mending and refashioning clothes are great skills to have now for those interested in being more sustainable. But my daughter's not interested either Cynthia, she just brings everything to Mum.

  3. Anne, thank you about the info on the Route66 documentary. It's even free on YouTube which we can project through our tv so we are excited about watching it.

  4. Love the new blog header, that road sign says it all! What a great idea for a community sewing machine, for anyone to come in and use would help encourage people to sew garments and mend things. Meg:)

    1. Thanks Meg. It is so cool when people use the machines - they are so excited about it.


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