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Monday, 23 July 2018

The Towai Tavern's Creative Upcycled Decor

I have posted before here about the Towai Tavern - a lovely old character pub that our band plays at several times each year.
We played there again last Saturday, and I wanted to include some of their cool decor, which the new owners have created.

The decor in the Ladies toilet

Because everyone wants a fish tank in their piano

Bottle cap mosaic

Apologies for putting the urinals in - I didn't take that photo by the way.

Bottle cap tree sculpture
Pic of our band set-up, lead guitarist fine tuning the sound

You'd think I would have taken a better shot of my own instruments - sax just visible on the right.
oh, ok then my alto and tenor saxes and bongo drums

I didn't take photos of everything, but the pub is decorated with old bottles, old farm implements and lots of vintage pieces around the walls. 
The staff are friendly and the food is great - what more could you ask?


  1. I really like the decor in the Tavern. Where is the tavern as I don't know NZ well, but will be going there next year so might have a look if I can.

  2. Hi Rose. Towai is in Northland, and is 30 minutes drive North of Whangarei. There's really nothing there but the pub, but it's on the way to the Bay of Islands. If you are coming North, there are quite a few other places in Northland on my blog under small towns.

    1. Thanks Anne, I will go back through your blogs.

  3. The bottle cap art is empressive, as is the fish tank/piano. It looks like a fun place to enjoy some music and refreshments.
    We are watching a fun series on tv that takes place in New Zealand. It's called 800 Words. Have you seen it?

    1. Hi Cynthia - no, I've never heard of 800 words but then I hardly ever watch tv. I've just googled it - it sounds quite good, I must look out for it.

  4. I need to do something like this with all of my bottle caps!!! That place is gorgeous!!

    1. p.s. It's Amy - not other option lol

    2. Haha - thought it would be you Amy - can't imagine Ngaio reading my blog. Yes, they've got a clever artist among the owners/ staff. I must ask who it is next time we're there.


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