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Friday, 3 August 2018

Around the Op Shops

Here in New Zealand our charity shops are called "Op shops" - short for opportunity.

I thought I'd show the interiors of a few of our local ones here in Whangarei.

There are about ten in Whangarei, of varying sizes. The three I'm showing are big, well laid out, good displays and there's no odour to them.

Hospice Op shop Whangarei

Hospice Op shop, Robert Street, Whangarei 

The biggest is the Hospice shop. It has everything, especially a great book section where I bought a book on Paris for 50cents. There's also another overflow Hospice clothes shop that I have never looked in. Our local Hospice is partially funded by the government - the rest is from donations and the shop.

The next is the Red Cross shop - again clean and well set out, but not much furniture here. I bought the little picture frame here for $3 - not a great bargain, but I have been looking for ages for a small square frame for a cool little gift card that I was given - if only I can find it now.

Red Cross Op Shop, Bank Street, Whangarei

The last is the Salvation Army store - newly revamped and not back to full stock yet I think. 
Salvation Army Op Shop - Vine Street, Whangarei

Katie was thrilled to find a pair of shoes to wear to the ball here ("they'll hardly be seen under the dress and will probably only be worn once") for $2 - and they're leather! But better than that was a pair of perfectly fitting Levi jeans for $5 which made her day.

I like to not buy new anything if i can buy it second hand, as a way of not using up the Earth's resources and of being frugal. There are a few exceptions though - people just need to do what they're comfortable with. 
I think it makes me be more creative, shopping like this.


  1. We call them Op Shops in Australia too. Gee yours are pretty fancy looking, they almost look like a department store. Some stores in Australia look a bit like that, but most are the cramped, older design, stuffed to the rafters with goods :)

    I have to be careful in op shops to only buy what I truely need, I go crazier in them than any regular "chain store" especially the book section!

    I love your new header photo, says it all!

    1. Yes Cheryl, I have to watch myself in op shops too. I think it helps having a smallish house though - it makes me aware of not taking in more than I'm clearing out!

  2. I enjoyed the tour. The charity shops I visited regularly in Minnesota were very much like yours. Clean, bright, and I could buy almost anything I needed. Plus they had regular sale days when everything was 40-50% off. Not so in South Carolina where I live now. Ridiculous expensive prices, smelly, dreary.
    So, are you planning a trip to Paris?!?

  3. We have some smaller ones too, which I enjoy hunting through as they're usually cheaper and less picked over. To the last question....yes, and soon - more in the next post.


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