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Saturday, 13 July 2013

Snippets of Paradise

I just love where we live, from our own little patch of 1 acre paradise to our beaches and small towns of Northland. 
Today I am posting a few artworks that people have made and put out for the enjoyment of others.
The Green Man - as we have labelled him, appeared one day about 2 years ago on the end of a sawn branch by the side of the road. I'm not sure what he is made of. He is the subject of debate between Derek and I. I get annoyed by the things people adorn him with - and he nearly always has cap and sunglasses, and at Christmas a Santa hat and tinsel. Derek thinks that is all ok, that it makes him interactive. So, I'm sorry, at present he is adorned.

 The next two are side of road finds

We took a little trip to Kerikeri yesterday, which is a pretty, small town with a lot of horticulture, antiques and art in the area. 
The shopkeepers we came across were friendly and the proprietor of the music shop was super helpful. Some nice cafes there too.

On the way we stopped to take photos of the Towai Hotel, where our band played last night. I love these old character pubs, and they usually have some real good local characters inside too. It was a great night.

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