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Wednesday, 3 July 2013


It has worried me that if I stopped working, I might lose my mojo and become lazy. For the last few days I have been alarmed that all I have wanted to do is sit around watching tv quiz shows and the like. Admittedly it is the middle of Winter, the weather has been cold and wet, and I have had achy bones and bronchitis and have been up nights coughing. Today I took an official sick day and have just got up at 1.30pm. It has been immensely enjoyable, and I have been busy doing a little sewing and watching telly without feeling guilty.

This organza flower brooch I finally finished while sitting in bed

I made these coffee sack canvases a while back, but started adding the stitched adornment today. I'm not quite sure what I think of it yet. Am still planning the second one.

Driftwood boats awaiting flags

Wooden postcards (found while junk shopping, see earlier post Small Town New Zealand)- awaiting finishing touches

Also bought while junk shopping for $3, I was going to  cover it with a coffee sack - but I don't have enough left, then thought an old sea chart, but the one's I have aren't just right, so will probably go with vintage book pages.
This first year of my "retirement" is to try out all of the ideas that are running amok in my head. There are a lot of them, as I see inspiration everywhere. 
I'm just great at starting things, and have oodles of unfinished projects. Hopefully putting them up here will make me finish some.

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