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Wednesday, 17 July 2013

When it's pink, it's green

A local firewood seller dropped a pamphlet in our letterbox, so we thought we would go check them out. We couldn't tell from the road, but up a winding drive we found a mill. We knew we had the right place, despite no signs up, when we came across these carvings..

The firewood business is a professional one, supplying the Auckland market. Ken, the proprietor was keen to help us, and  told us how to tell the difference between green firewood, and dry firewood that is ready to use.
He picked up two dry pieces and knocked them together, end on end. They made a ringing noise. Firewood that isn't dry will make a dull thunk. He doesn't use this system himself, instead using a moisture meter. He doesn't recommend banging the wood for gum or teatree, as they are quite dense woods, so he recommends splitting these and holding them against your face to feel moisture, or for teatree - if it is pinkish inside, it isn't dry. 

Great White Butterfly
I was alarmed to read in the Weekend Gardener magazine of a new pest in New Zealand, at present only found near Nelson.
It is a bigger version of the White Butterfly that we already have, but can do serious damage to our gardens. We all need to be aware that these are in New Zealand and get any suspicious looking eggs/ caterpillars/ butterflies checked out. I so don't want those here - I have enough pests as it is. I have a link here to the DOC fact sheet.

Great White Butterfly eggs

Great White Butterfly

Great White Butterfly caterpillers

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