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Saturday, 20 July 2013

Gift Wrap Pledge

About 3 years ago I decided that for the next year I wouldn't buy any more giftwrap. You could say.. a little pledge to myself. Well I discovered that I could manage perfectly well without buying giftwrap, so have continued this plan forever. The thing is... I just love beautifully wrapped gifts, so no tatty recycled paper for me. Although I do reuse wrapping papers that arrive at my place, they have to be worked in to look arty or creative and beautiful.
I will post some of my wraps as I do them, and here is one I created a couple of days ago. The heart is one I decorated too.  

All packaging used here is recycled.

Box covered inside and out with vintage book pages and sheet music.
We visited this lovely coastal village yesterday, in the Far North. It was once a bustling whaling and trading port, and has some lovely heritage buildings and a heritage walking trail. The fish shop here is famous for it's fine seafood and is worth a visit, despite being a little pricey.
Note the Maori Pa site on the hill in the background

The view from the fish shop window

Classic Kiwi school holiday entertainment - fishing off the wharf

Mangonui village

House in rural Kaeo - still inhabited

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