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Sunday, 28 July 2013

Book Fair finds

There are only a couple of things that will get me up before dawn these days, one is overseas travel, the other is the Zonta Book Fair.

It is a win/win situation, with the money from book sales going to several local worthy causes. The books were only $2-$3 each anyway.
I am about to embark on a little soapmaking, which I haven't done for years, so was delighted to find a soapmaking book, plus another book I picked up because it was old and I liked the paper - the one on London- to find it is 99 years old.  Guess I wont be chopping that one up for an altered book or art project. There's also a 1960 cookbook which didn't make the photo, which I bought to chop up for my artworks and cards. I liked the one "Dear Me - letters to my 16 year old self" by various different celebrities. Last night when I was having trouble getting back to sleep I composed what I would write to my 16 year old self. (See below)

Letter to my 16 year old self
Dear Anne,
Firstly, don't worry about being plump - believe me, you are fine, and are the slimmest you will ever be, not that you get much bigger, just the normal ageing stuff. You are going to have some very trying times in your life, but don't worry, you are strong and will cope, and they will make you who you are. You will have a beautiful daughter of whom you will be very proud. I strongly advise you to keep playing music - learning the saxophone in the next little while would be good - and keep it up, it will come in useful.
You will have everything you dream will be sweet.

Organizing my pantry
I was going to put in a before and after photo - but I can't yet, it's not good enough, it's a work in progress.
I wanted extra storage bins as things were falling on my head, but I refuse to buy new plastic stuff. So my pantry will not be all matchy/matchy - but it will be earth friendly. I wanted clear fridge bins, but couldn't find many - but these are what I came up with, and they only cost me $7 all up.

They are already making the pantry easier to use, as I can pull out all the cereals at once, or all the flours, etc.

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