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Monday, 8 July 2013

Some projects completed

In an earlier post I alluded to my habit of starting lots of things, being full of ideas and enthusiasm, well I managed to finish a couple.

"Before" junk shop find

"After" - just need to add a few more succulents. In a month it will be ready to hang on a wall

"Before" - although I just remembered to take pic after I had started painting the rims

"After" - must say it has a nice pinkish glow when the lamp is on!
 On our way home yesterday, I didn't mention that we had stopped at Huanui Orchards and got a 5kg bag of Granny Smith Apples for $1/ kg. So today I got my whizzy apple peeler and corer out and made light work of most of the bag into bottled stewed apples (no added sugar) and an apple crumble. If I go back I might get enough to try making cider, watch this space.

Woohoo - good hourly rate today!
As well as a bunch of other chores I cleaned my oven today. Of course it was an environmentally friendly clean, just baking soda and white vinegar. I used to really hate cleaning the oven - in the days when I didn't know any better and used nasty toxic products, the ones that would burn you if they got on your skin, and smelled dreadful.
Yesterday I saw an magazine advert for a company that cleaned ovens in an environmentally friendly way, so I went to check out their website to see how much they charge (because I'm nosey). $95! Am thinking of setting up my own business haha.

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