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Thursday, 1 August 2013

Help - we've been brainwashed!

Looking back over my life I realize that I have automatically followed what my mother has done a lot of the time. Now if you have read my older posts you will know that my mother was an early greenie and quite frugal, but even my mother didn't use a lot of the green cleaning ideas. I think cleaning products were supposedly exciting and new labour-saving ideas back then...but in my early adulthood I just followed on. Special window cleaner (pink stuff that was dreadful), oven cleaner, different cleaners for more.

So it is exciting that a lot of today's young mothers are on the Green Train - hopefully their children will copy them too.
I have just reread Wendly Nissen's book "Domestic Goddess on a Budget"- link to her site here for all sorts of recipes.

I have been on a 5 day internet diet (because I did too much ..ahem..research before the end of the month). I could have topped it up, but was being frugal, and wanted to prove to myself that I wasn't addicted. It was tough though..especially the last day. 

Olive and coconut oil soap, rosemary and vinegar hair conditioner, laundry powder

But I have been productive, making soap, and rosemary and vinegar hair conditioner and laundry powder among other things. I will post some recipes etc when I have made sure they all work.  

Snails again

If I seem a bit obsessed with snails it's because i have a plague of them and don't like to be here's the latest..from the book "Gorgeous garden Boosters"
..In 2010 amateur observer Ruth Brooks astonished scientists by proving what gardeners have always maintained - that snails have a "homing instinct".
She did this by collecting snails by hand, marking their shells with nail polish, then transporting them increasing distances from her garden, discovering that even when left 30m (100ft) away they managed to find their way back. good just throwing them over your fence.
Also a tip - if you leave emptied out citrus halves face down in the garden snails will shelter in them and can be picked up and disposed of easily. I haven't tried this yet, but will when the rain stops.

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