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Tuesday, 20 August 2013

Reducing the numbers

Every week Wendyl Nissen does a column in the Weekend Herald taking a packaged food and decoding what is in it. Last weekend's food was a pam's frozen cheesecake in which there were 42 ingredients.
As an alternative she suggests a Nigella Lawson recipe that contains 15 ingredients.

If there was ever an argument for returning to slow food the numbers are up lower fat..reduced sugar..lowering salt..taste..control of what we are eating. And then there is sense of achievement, nurturing and so much more.
I also believe that home cooking is one of the memories we give our children, the smell of baking when they get home from school or for a partner, the smell of a casserole when they come in from work on a winter's night.

I hasten to add, after finishing the book The Revolution Will Not Be Microwaved, which I referred to in an earlier blog, that I won't be cooking roadkill or making cannabis oil any time soon, although there was definitely interesting content in the book.


After following a tip to remove permanent marker pen from something with hairspray I'm definitely having second thoughts about spraying that stuff on my head. It just dissolved the ink, which was great - but scary as far as chemicals we use.

Cleaning, cleaning...
That's what I'm doing at the moment as we are going on holiday and have a housesitter coming in. Suddenly I am seeing everything with new eyes. The place smells wonderfully of Dr Bronner's peppermint castile soap.

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