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Sunday, 11 August 2013

A bit of NZ

Kina's Nest
First up I have a genuine Kina's Nest. Kina, for overseas visitors is the Maori name for the sea urchin.

Kina's Nest.
Small Town - Paihia, Bay of Islands

This weekend gone was the Annual Jazz and Blues Festival in the Bay of Islands. Unfortunately due the lead guitarist having a broken finger we had to pull out, but it was a great opportunity to see all the bands we could (there were about 50), without having to rush between venues ourselves.
The weather was a bit drizzly, so it didn't make for good photos, but the atmosphere was great, and there was a good crowd this year.

love the shoes
The weather stopped a few street performances, but here are a few pics.
loved these two, especially his high kicks!


We stopped in at Ipipiri Art Gallery in Paihia, where there was a great painting display by Patricia Macdonald,  but also these amazing little fairyscapes by Sheree Wagener. I can't get an image on here but will link to the gallery's flyer here - go have a look at the extraordinary detail. Even the men were fascinated.

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