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Tuesday, 6 August 2013

Working Out

Yesterday I found this book "How to Never Look Fat Again" by Charla Krupp in the library.

Today I have been going through my wardrobe, and have some ideas on altering a few things and discarding a few others - but more on that in a later post. What I really took away from it was a lightbulb moment.
I have bemoaned the fact that now that I am over 50, kilos seem to hurl themselves at me. I have wailed " Not fair - my activity and eating are no different to what they have always been!" According to the book, therein lies the problem. I can no longer live like that without piling on weight.
My 19 year old daughter says "Just go to the gym"...She so doesn't get my lifestyle.
Some days I get my exercise by lugging 10 kg bags of horse poo (two at a time) up the steep hill in the paddock next door, or working out in the teatree, cutting boxes full of dead branches for fire starters. Otherwise it is going for a bike ride with the dog and picking up litter, or gardening. Are you seeing a theme here? 
Today I felt like a change, so Munta (dog) and I drove to the beach, which is 7km from home. We walked for 1 3/4 hours, mostly in the soft sand because that was where the driftwood was. I picked up driftwood, plastic rubbish, pumice, shells and flotsam.
In that time there were a couple of other people on the beach. These views are looking both ways on Pataua North beach

 This was a beautiful little beachscape that I found - just as it lies..

Flotsam or Jetsam? I took it home
Flotsam, flot'sam, n. Portion of a wreck that continues floating.
Jetsam, Jetson, jet'sam, jet'sun, n. The throwing of goods overboard to lighten a ship in distress; goods so thrown away.

Then home for a good lie down and a cup of tea.

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