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Thursday, 15 August 2013

Be The Change You Want To See

"Be the change you want to see in the world" - Ghandi 

I wondered if there was a word for fear of running out of plastic bags, because I think Derek has it - but when I googled it there wasn't one. He will learn to cope with paper lined bins etc. but we haven't managed to run out yet.
 It's really hard work to stop people giving you bags with things. For example I take my reuseable bags to the supermarket, but when I'm not looking they put all the meat into plastic bags, and then into my reuseable bags "in case they leak". So I put plastic bags in the reuseable bags for them to use, and sometimes they do, or I ask nicely if they can wrap things in newspaper, which I know kind of annoys them as it is time consuming.
I am working on finding a butcher who doesn't need to also put everything on styrofoam trays so that will solve a lot of that problem, and also to provide the cat's food, as he only really likes Jimbos, which comes in a plastic pot. 
I hope that by the end of this year I will have managed ways to reduce most of the packaging coming in to our home.

The Revolution Will Not Be Microwaved
I picked up this book in the library the other day. The introduction nearly lost me - "I was inspired to write this book by two years of travelling around the United States and Australia talking to people about fermentation." - but it is proving interesting. There is a chapter on slow food, and some interesting recipes. He describes a Bread Club, where people drop in for all sorts of food products which are made in everyday kitchens, but has evolved to include veges, honey and eggs etc. It was started by a man who makes bread, but doesn't want to go to the extreme of becoming a certified commercial enterprise. So it is like a neighbourhood where they sell and exchange the produce they make. It has to be an underground movement, not to attract the attention of officials as the premises are unlicensed. I thought that sounded like such a good idea - I would be  in to that.

I wish my blueberry bush looked like this!

In the book he also talks about blueberry bushes that are still producing after 30 - 60 years! Mine is looking sick after moving it, but it would be worth buying a few more if they last that long. Blueberries are relatively new plants here in New Zealand.

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