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Sunday, 18 August 2013

Russell and Kawakawa, Bay of Islands

This morning I had an errand to run to Russell - which is such a good excuse to mooch around there. I love Russell, and in the Winter it's quiet and villagey. 

I took my metal detector with me, as Russell is one of our oldest established towns in NZ, having once been bustling with whalers and settlers. Sometimes while beachcombing we find sea smoothed pieces of old patterned china, plus always bits of "shipwreck," which I use in my art, and loads of beach glass.
One of the locals was quick to point out that if I should find anything of historical significance that I should hand it in to the police station. I told him I was really hoping for gold coins. I did find some coins, one gold, but not enough to buy my coffee later - however I spent my findings in the local op shop. (purchase shown further down page)

Russell waterfront

Russell Wharf
I decided to pop in to a local training cafe for some sustenance to keep me going while I caught the vehicle ferry back to Opua, which saves a long windy drive around the coast. I carry my reuseable takeaway coffee cup in the glove compartment for times like this, and the barristas are always happy to fill it for me - some ask where I got it, as it is perfectly sized for coffee machines. I tell them to look here - where they sell for $15

Ideal Cup
 Not only did they make a top cup of coffee, and were nice to boot, but with a piece of carrot cake it all only came to $5. Recommended.

Unique Cafe - Russell

A little detour on the way home saw me stop at Kawakawa - a little township famed for it's public toilets - designed by the late artist Friederich Hundertwasser who lived nearby for some years.

 It also has railway lines that run through the centre of town, where sometimes an old steam train will run on an excursion.

I stopped in at the St John's Op shop, where I found these beaut old vintage curtains. They won't suit our place, but I thought I might like to make something out of them.

true vintage - and $4 each.
My purchase in Russell's Op shop was these shower curtain rings - which were not really cheap as I think they put the prices up for out of towners, but it is a donation to charity, and I don't like buying new plastic - there is already too much in the world. I only wish I had bought a few more, as I underestimated how many scarves I have.



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